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Swift Pocket Reference, 3rd Edition

Copy Libraries. We decided to talk to a few and find out. This practical approach allows the authors to cover a lot of common scenarios that developers might come across. However, to make up for that drawback, its publishers have made the guide available for free. Paul Hudson, the author of Hacking with Swift , wrote Pro Swift to help junior programmers go beyond the basics of the programming language.

We all understand why it exists, but that doesn't mean we're ready to embrace it. Therefore, this article explains how to remove the DRM from every eBook you own. Read More videos that you can stream online or download to your system.

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The videos allow you to see techniques carried out step-by-step. This format allows learners to grasp advanced techniques, putting them in a real-world context as opposed to a dry chapter of a textbook.

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Writing a journal can help you work through your thoughts and keep track of your programming goals. Read More , this book is accompanied by simple programs that you can tinker with and tweak for yourself. Start by learning the basics of Swift. At some stage in your journey you will be ready to take on bigger and more complex challenges, which is where these expert-level texts come in handy. Cocoa Design Patterns is one of the older titles on this list — it was published in However, this is a book for experts, through and through. It starts off with an introduction to the Model-View-Controller pattern, and ramps up from there.

The language has a bright future and the faster you learn it, the sooner you'll be able to reap the rewards.

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